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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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My Notes:

iPhone sale update iPod update - quoted Verge - 3 million iPods sold
200 million on 6
125 million documents in cloud
300 billion iMessage
70 million photos in share ps

35 billion app downloads
6.5 billion to debs
1.5 million for sale
dowloaded 400 million

version 3
continous scrolling
iCloud integrated itunes 11

13" number one mac
.75 inches
3.57 lbs
2 usb 3
2 thunderbolt
sd card
2560 x 1600 - 4x - 4,096,000 pixels
Dual Mics
FaceTime HD
Left and Right Speaker
Backlight Keyboard
Lots of Battery
8GB Ram
Intel HD Graphics 4000
500 bucks more

Mac mini
New Updates

All Design
No Optical
MacBook Air Like
5 mm edge
Friction Stir Welding
No SD Card on side - on back

5mm thinner display
No Air Gap between display
27" or 21.5" - not Retina
AntiReflective Coating - Plasma Deposition Process
75% less reflective
Individually Calibrated
FaceTime HD - Dual Mic/Dual Speakers
8 pounds lighter
SSD on board plus HD
4 USB 3 - 2 Thunderbolt
Fussion Drive - (Mac mini too)
128GB SSD plus 1 or 3 TB - fused into one volume
knows what you use

November 21 and December 27

100 million iPads

iBooks Author
80% high school
2500 us classrooms

Portrait Books
Multitouch Widgets
Updating Built in

iPad 4
A6X Processor
Double Graphics, Double CPU
Next Gen ISP
10 Hour Battery
FaceTime HD
Expanded LTE
2x Faster Wi-Fi (like iPhone 5)
Lightning Connector
Camera Connectors
HDMI and VGA - $49 not $29
$499 16GB - Same Prices

iPad mini
Hold it in one hand
New Design
Black and White - Aluminum Back
7.2mm thin - 23% thinner than iPad 4
.68 pounds
Black Back
7.9" vs 9.9"
1024 by 768 - iPad 2 resolution

Failed Miserably - Nexus 7
7" - 21.9 vs 29.6 square inches
Plastic Thicker and Heavier
35 percent larger
49% larger for web surfing
Landscape - hilariously bigger 2/3 larger
Phone apps versus Tablet apps
FaceTime HD
5MP iSight
2x WiFi
10 hour battery life
Reduce width for one hand operation
New SmartCovers
White WiFi bar
"Every inch an iPad"

16GB - $329
(iPad 2 still available)

659 highest versus 829

Preorder on Friday
November 2nd Launch Date
2 weeks later 3G version

I could get in the store, but not elsewhere
Can't buy iMac yet

Redesigned store

Camera connection not a kit - separate buys