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Every iWake Again subscriber now has access to all past and current iWake scripts. You'll even have live access to shows being written for tomorrow's show. I hope everyone enjoys this new perk.

iWake Again Information

What is iWake Again?
As the name suggests you'll have another day of the week to wake up to iWake. Every Saturday you'll have a brand new episode that is available only to paying subscribers.

iWake Again will be in a different format from the Monday through Friday iWake. The Again show will be a longer form show. It will consist of interviews, group discussions, and some Tim rants about the world of Apple.

Why Subscribe?
Doing a daily podcast takes hours upon hours of work each and everyday. It is a full time job to run iWake. It takes several hours each day simply to research and then even more time to script out the episode. After that it takes several hours to record the episode, upload the episode, update the RSS feed, and update the show notes for the webpage. iWake is a full time gig that does not afford me the privilege of working a traditional job. While I love doing iWake it is something I don't normally get paid for doing.

I am committed to ensuring iWake continues to be a free podcast available on time Monday through Friday. In order to make that happen I need to be able to pay bills such as rent, food, and other basic necessities. You can make sure iWake doesn't go away by subscribing to iWake Again for $10 a month.

$10 dollars a month will get you around 4 extra shows a month. Several months out of the year I will be providing even more content to Again subscribers.

If you do the math $10 comes out to $2.50 per extra show. But, iWake Again is truly about supporting all of iWake, which at $10 a month turns out to be around 38 cents an episode.

You can subscribe through PayPal today using the button on the bottom of this page.

If you want to see iWake continue on for many more years to come I challenge you to join iWake Again.

As always feel free to send any questions to